Author: Milivoj Jovančević
Edition: 8th expanded edition
Date of publication: 27 January 2014
Number of pages: 411
Price: 20 EU

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The First Years – Why They Are Important (8th expanded edition)
Author: Milivoj Jovančević

This is a new eighth edition of the handbook for parents and all those who work with children by the renowned Croatian pediatrician and associates. The authors deal in a reader friendly way with basic issues related to the care, upbringing and growth of children from birth to the beginning of school. The chapters include a range of advice and answers to parents’ dilemmas (how to talk to an infant, practical advice about child care, how to be a good parent, how to play with children, how to choose toys, how to fight fears and stress, when and how to go on a summer holiday, how to check the development of hearing and speech, etc.).

Contents of The First Years:

• Exercise before and after birth

• The baby has arrived, and how to go on from there

• Care and diet of the infant and child

• How to communicate with your child at different ages

• Baby fitness

• Advice for (in) experienced parents

• Separation from the child

• Play with your children

• What to focus on when selecting toys

• How to become an even better parent

• What children are afraid of

• How to fight fears and stress

• How to check the regular development of hearing and speech

• When to vaccinate a child and what vaccine to chose

• What to do when a child develops diarrhea, fever and vomiting

• How and when to go on a summer holiday

• What rights the social welfare system provides for mothers and children

• Car seats

• Communicating with an infant: massage and baby fitness

• Brain development – inheritance, love and care in the early development of the brain

• Chickenpox

• We are starting school

• Why a child in hospital needs the parent?

• It is good to know – patients’ rights

• Teeth and tooth hygiene


• First aid in case of suffocation, CPR

• The effect of stress

• The effect of diet

• How to avoid respiratory diseases?

• Everything there is to know about vaccination – Vaccination against rotavirus

• It is good to know – patients’ rights

• Travel and holidays

New and expanded topics:

– Apgar score

– the importance of vitamin D

– respiratory infections in children

– coughs in childhood

– motor development of a child

– potty training

– Omega-3 fatty acids in pregnancy and during breastfeeding

– Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and brain development

– fostering speech and language development

– streptococcal angina and scarlet fever

– lice and nits

– amendments to the legislation and to the rights of pregnant women and parents with regard to the social welfare system

Technical and graphical characteristics of the book:

Book title: The First Years – Why They Are Important (8th expanded edition)

Number of pages: 411


Date of publication:27 January 2014

Year of publication: 2014

Cover: Hardback

ISBN/EAN: 9789532323658

Dimensions: 19 x 13 cm

Publisher: Udž

Author: Milivoj Jovančević

Izv. prof. Milivoj Jovančević, primarijus
Associate Professor Milivoj Jovancevic, M.D., Ph.D.,